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Lookout's security products are backed by a dedicated team of technical support experts available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:15 pm. No matter what your problem, no matter where you are, our team of technical support experts is ready to answer questions or teach you how to better use your device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate my unit?

Once your Lookout alarm has shipped, you will receive an email activation form from a Lookout support technician. Once the form is returned and the unit is activated you will receive access to PACC (private access customer control) which is where you will track your unit and program your security preferences. For more help on setting up your unit, contact us at (305) 887-1094 in order to setup a training session with one of our training technicians which will guide you step by step through the process.

Do I have to pay the activation fee every year?

No, the activation fee is a one-time communication account setup charge.

Do these alarms cover the insurance requirements for marine vessels?

Yes, depending on the insurance company requirements. Many insurance companies require that the be connection to the tracking device at all times. In order to do this the tracker would need to be satellite capable so that it has connectivity beyond cellular range. The vessel owner should contact their insurance provider to verify.

Do I receive a discount on my insurance for having a tracking unit installed?

Many insurance providers offer a discount. This may vary depending on the provider and the type of policy you have. It would be best to consult with your insurance provider regarding any policy questions.

For the fleet trackers, is there a limit to how many can be viewed at once in the portal?

No, there is no limit on the number of vehicles that can be viewed on the portal. For those with large fleets, there is also an option to group the vehicles for easier viewing and tracking.

When the alarm is triggered is law enforcement notified?

No, law enforcement is not notified. Lookout alarm units are designed to deter the intruder. The alarm can be programmed to notify a number of contacts in the event of a breach.

Why do I miss messages on my satellite tracker from time to time?

If you have a satellite tracker you will miss messages from time to time. Satellite is not exactly like cellular communication because it depends on satellites that orbit the earth during a specific period of time. Although the satellites try to emulate a cellular tower system there will still be times when the message sent will fall within a gray area and it will not be received. If this were to happen, you will receive another message the next time it attempts. Note, your Lookout tracking device is always connected and relaying coordinates to the satellite. It is only the messages that may be missed. If this persist for an extended period of time (over 30 minutes) you may have a communication issue and should contact a Lookout representative at (305) 887-1094.

How often should I replace the lithium battery in my S300 unit?

Although the batteries should last two years, we recommend the batteries be replaced yearly.
*Battery life will depend on actual usage.

Can I adjust how often I get an alert notification?

Most of the Lookout units are factory set at an alert interval. In the case of the S400, if the vessel owner would like to track his vessel on the map interface they may choose from the status drop down menu the alert time interval desired.

What is the the yearly communication service fee and what does it include?

All tracking units require a yearly communication service fee in order to communicate with Lookout's world wide servers. The fee includes unlimited communication.
*Restrictions may apply for the S400

For the C310, am I still being tracked even when I am out of cellular range?

Yes, the tracker is always tracking and storing the GPS coordinate while the vessel is in motion whether it is in cellular range or not. While out of cellular range the GPS coordinates will remain in memory. Once the tracker reenters cellular range it will upload the GPS coordinates to the server and will appear on your private access customer control (PACC) dashboard.

Are there any additional features I can add for security?

Some of the Lookout units allow for security option expansion. For example the S400 can be outfitted with high water, door sensors, photocell beams and others. Should you be interested in any of these options please contact a Lookout representative for additional details (305) 887-1094.

My S400 sent me a low voltage status. I already solved the low voltage issue, but I am still getting the low voltage message. How can I eliminate this message so I can arm the unit?

Once you have solved the low voltage issue you must first send a disarm request. This will disarm the unit and eliminate the low voltage message. Once it appears as disarmed, you can go ahead and arm the unit again.

I disarmed my S400 alarm to eliminate the low voltage message but I received another low voltage message. Why is this happening?

If your low voltage status message reappears on your S400 you most likely still have a low voltage problem. You should recheck the batteries once again and if it still persists contact a Lookout representative at (305) 887-1094.

I sent a status request to my S400 and I have not received a status back.

If you sent a status request to your S400 and have not received a response after 5 minutes you should first retry to send your request making sure that you used the correct Lookout server telephone number. You should also make sure that you have used the correct command code and that no spaces have been left between characters. If you are sending multiple commands, for example an Arm and Status command, make sure that you placed a comma between the commands (example: cc1275a,s)

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