Boat Cameras

Mini Dome 1000TVL Camera

The Original and Best Miniature EyeBall Camera from Lookout!
The last thing you want when choosing a camera for your boat, whether for security or docking is a big ugly housing, totally ruining the styling and poking out like a sore thumb. Measuring a mere 60mm in diameter and machined from solid Aluminium, the camera is hard anodized and powder coated for added protection. The camera is little bigger than a golf ball, but feels solid and compact, and packed inside the housing is a high resolution camera module and LED illumination ring that switches automatically from color to monochrome images in low light conditions to provide visibility in pitch black conditions.

The camera is a great all round performer, compatible with all chart plotters that have composite video inputs, and can be used as a docking or backup camera, for engine room monitoring, safety, situational awareness and security.

S400 Marine Tracking Unit

· Extremely Stylish, Compact Design (Measures only    60mmø x 57mm)
· Very Rugged Aluminium Housing. Anodized with    White Powder Coat Finish (other finish options are    available upon request)
· Power: 12VDC ±3V / 60mA (LED OFF) / 120mA    (LED ON)
· Video: 1VP~P Composite Video / 75Ω impedance
· Fully Adjustable ‘Shake Proof’ Cup Style Bracket
· Built in Infra Red LED Illumination (Range approx    10m)
· IP66 Waterproofing
· EN60945 Certification
· Compatibility: All Chart-plotters, monitors,    devices (such as DVR’s, switchers etc) with    Composite Video or AV input.

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