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Lookout Worldwide prides itself in offering our customers the latest technology in marine and fleet alarm systems. Our patent-pending CompasSafe™ technology coupled with unique features only offered by Lookout make it the most reliable theft prevention security system offered in the market. 

At Lookout worldwide our primary goal is theft prevention. Unlike other systems in the market that tout their recovery success, at Lookout we look to protect our customer's valuable marine asset before it gets stolen. Lookout does offer a map track recovery option that is unparalleled in the industry but our development philosophy continues to be that recovery while important, does not offer the peace of mind that can only come from preventing the theft from happening. 

Our product line was designed with the user in mind. It is easy to use and install. It can be fitted with a number of options that can be controlled at the customer's finger tips through any cellular/satellite communication device or our state of the art web based monitoring system. The highest standard US production with rigorous assembly and testing guidelines give the Lookout units the reliability expected by our customers. Bottom line "No matter where you are Lookout is on guard".

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